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This AU is set in modern day and the boys work for the ATF. The universe was created by Mog who graciously opened it up to all.  Chris is the leader, Buck is a suvellience expert, Josiah is a profiler, Nathan is a forensics expert, Vin is a sharpshooter, Ezra is an undercover agent and JD is a computer genius.

Yesterday's News

refers to Sept. 11th My first ever fic. The war against Afghanistan has started and it all comes crashing down on the uncover agent.

Brothers and Lessons

A case Buck and Ezra are working goes teribly wrong. Can the guys find them before they lose both agents.

A Home For Christmas

A Home For Christmas...Holiday Fic

Ezra's first Christmas with the guys. Will it be to much

A Nice Place To Visit

Ezra is waiting the calvary to rescue him and recalls his days living back in the south.


There are some days when Ezra just wants to walk away.


Ezra deals with the death of another undercover agent

Home For The Holidays

Ezra is determined to get home for Christmas

One Fine Day

Vin and Ezra are on their way to Chris' when they have an accident. Will Ezra ever be the same?

Touring Vegas, Seven Style

The seven goes to Vegas for a vacation. and you know how those turn out?

To The Very End

Ezra disappears. but his return could destroy the team

Peter, Paul and U

"The guys get bored."

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