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The Journey to Avalon

The Journey to Avalon
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Best gen. Sequential Fic/
Mag 7 Serial Award


No Rhyme or Reason

First in series..Boys find an abandoned five-year-old Ezra

New Beginnings

Buck can't get a certain little southern child out of his mind.

The First Day

Buck and Ezra's First day together

Meeting The Family

Ezra meets the rest of the guys


Chris reflects on finding Vin and making them a family

Friends, Frogs and Facts

Just one of the first of many eye-opening days.

Operation: School

Buck enrolls Eza into school and it doesn't go well


Just a drabble with Chris and Vin

Red Tape and Bows

Buck makes some changes that will alter both his and Ezra's lives

Midnight Thoughts

Ezra does some thinking in the middle of the night


Many changes are coming to Ezra and Buck's lives


Having a foster child isn't always easy

Dirt and Worms For Dessert

The boys fix dessert

Building On Hope

Buck begins building on the house and his relationship with Ezra


Vin finds a new interest

Buck and Ezra spend some time together.