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Old West Stories
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These stories are set in the wonderful 'Little Ezra' AU created by Wyvern. The set up stories can be found here:  Wyvern


Nominated for Best Gen. Non-ATF AU/ The Brass Mirror Award

Spilt Milk

Ezra can't take the pressure anymore. Chris uses his skills as a father to talk the young boy off the edge.

Small Steps

Chris has Ezra safe. Now if he can only find out the boy's secrets.

A Good Day

Ezra spends the day in town with his new Uncles.

Bearing The Pain

Bearing The Pain...Gen. Corssover

crossover w/ Big Valley. Maude shows up and takes Ezra away.

Stories created by me set in the original OW format

Orphan Train

Some wagons carrying orphans get attacked. Five of the seven men ride after the attackers and seek to get back two of the chidren kidnapped. Can the men save Ezra from himself.

The Ride

Chris decides it's time for Buck to say goodbye to Sarah and Adam.

Once In A Lifetime

Ezra gets ambushed and its up to the guys to help him

A Memory To Keep

An explanation of the guns in Orphan Train

Old Wounds, New Hope

JD reflects on the past year
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